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The Tcladdressbook library is a Tcl extension defining a new command called addressbook which lets you manipulate the Mac OS X AddressBook. Under Mac OS X (versions 10.2 or greater) every user has a single addressbook which all applications are allowed to share. Thanks to the AddressBook framework any application can, if it wishes so, manipulate the data stored in the Address Book, create new records, modify or delete existing records etc.

With the Tcladdressbook extension you can do this kind of manipulations in Tcl scripts. It can be loaded with the following instruction:

	package require addressbook
The addressbook command has many subcommands such as addressbook create, addressbook persons, addressbook record, addressbook set etc. used to invoke the various actions to perform.


This extension is useful only on Macintosh platforms with Mac OS X System. Version 10.2 (aka Jaguar) or greater of the system is required.


Binary releases of Tcladdressbook are available on the SourceForge site in the download area of the project.

You can also download on this site the latest 1.2.1 version which is built as Universal binary (i-e native for both PPC and Intel Macs).

Source code

Tcladdressbook is an open source project. Its code is publicly available and can be found on the SourceForge site.

The code is under CVS control. You can retrieve the latest stage of development using any CVS client. See instructions there. You can also browse the cvs repository online.


Tcladdressbook is distributed with a help file (in html, pdf, text and man formats) containing the exact reference of all the commands and a Quick Start file which is a tutorial giving examples showing how to use this extension.

Bug reports

Bugs can be officially reported via the Bug Tracker of the project. You can also address feature requests and propose patches.

Please e-mail about any question you might encounter: bdesgraupes@users.sourceforge.net

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