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This page contains links to other pages on the Web related to Alpha. If you have a Web page concerning Alpha and want me to add a link here, send me a message.


The AlphaTcl project is hosted by Sourceforge. AlphaTcl is the open source Tcl library driving the following text editors: Alpha under Mac OS X, AlphaTk under Windows and UNIX.



There are two mailing lists concerning Alpha : one oriented towards the users to discuss problems, suggestions, etc. related to AlphaTcl and its engines and the other more specifically devoted to development issues. They are hosted at SourceForge :


Bug reports should be sent via the AlphaTcl bugs tracker at SourceForge : Alpha Tracker.



You can browse the AlphaTcl Subversion repository at SourceForge. This lets you browse the contents of the AlphaTcl library and its history.



The Alpha Wiki is a collaborative and contributive site where all kinds of issues can be debated.



Alphatk is a reimplementation of the editor's engine entirely in Tcl-Tk to provide Alpha on other platforms (Windows, Unix). You need a Tcl-Tk interpreter to run it


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