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This page contains packages for the AlphaTcl library which are not included with the standard distribution of AlphaX. They are additional menus, modes and features which can be installed in the AlphaX Application Support folder.

 Bash Mode


The Bash Mode package provides basic support for editing script files for the Bourne again shell (aka bash) in Alpha. The main features provided by this mode are:

  • syntax coloring

  • keywords completion

  • electric completion of the flow control structures (like if, for, etc.)

  • functions marking

  • execution of the script from Alpha. The script is sent to the Terminal application for execution.



Click here to download the Bash Mode package:





Read the doc on line


 Aida Mode


The Aida Mode package installs a menu with commands to edit and process files written in the Aida markup language. It contains both editing and converting tools letting you:

  1. prepare and edit files using the AIDA syntax
  2. convert these files to many formats like Html, Pdf, Xml, Text, Man, LaTeX, Wiki etc.

Aida is a tagging and text formatting system. It is a general purpose markup system which can be used to produce many kinds of generically formatted and structured text (mainly doc files, help files, howtos etc.).

The Aida syntax is a sort of lowest common denominator between several tagging languages and formats. It has been designed to be both simple and lightweight. You just have to maintain a single file which you thereafter convert to other formats as necessary.

Read here to learn more about Aida.

The basic features are:

  • easy insertion of tags and structures such as lists and tables
  • easy creation of hyperlinks
  • creation of table of contents
  • indexing
  • file marking
  • automatic conversion to other formats (this feature requires that the aida command be installed on your machine; see the Aida project at Sourceforge).

More advanced features include:

  • evaluation and substitution of Tcl instructions inside the text
  • conditional blocks
  • customization via header parameters
  • plugin structure which makes it easy to add new converting formats


Click here to download the Aida Mode package:





Read the doc on line. See also Aida's home page.


 Batch Find


The Batch Find package adds a command to the Search menu of Alpha to perform multi files searches and batch the results to a separate file with hyperlinks. A selection of files to search can be done by specifying a scheme for the file names.

Many options allow you to specify the kind of search (textual or regular, case sensitive or not etc.). There are several formats for the output with more or less information, hyperlinks to jump directly to a matching line in some file...

The last folders searched are recorded and you access them with a pop-up list. The number of folders to record is configureable.



Click here to download the batchFind package:





Read the doc on line to learn more about it (it is also included in the package).


 Window Groups


The Window Groups package lets you manage groups of related document windows in some applications.

This package lets you create groups of items (files or folders) to open in a given application: currently AlphaX, Finder, Firefox, and Safari are supported. The windows can thus be a set of AlphaX document windows, or a set of Finder windows (corresponding to folders), etc.

The application is considered as the owner of the group: a window group with AlphaX as the owner is typically a group of document files to open with AlphaX, whereas a window group with the Finder as the owner is typically a group of folders to open in the Finder.

This package, once activated, installs a submenu called Window Groups in the Window menu of Alpha. It has commands to create, edit, delete, rename, etc. window groups.



Click here to download the Window Groups package:





Once the package is installed, read the help from the Features Help submenu of the Help menu in Alpha.


 Convert Numbers


The Convert Numbers package is a feature for Alpha. It adds a submenu called "Convert Numbers" to the Tools menu to convert integer numbers to and from decimal, octal and hexadecimal formats.

Select a region and apply a conversion from the menu: all the numbers in the region will be converted. Different prefixes may be chosen for octal and hexadecimal numbers. Very easy to remember key combinations allow you to perform the conversions with a simple keystroke.



Click here to download the Convert Numbers package:





Read the doc on line to learn more about it (it is also included in the package).


Rez Menu


The Rez Menu package for Alpha is a wrapper around the Rez and DeRez tools. Once activated, it installs a new menu called Rez with a few commands which let you compile resource description files or decompile resource forks from within Alpha, using the Rez/DeRez tools.

The Rez tool compiles the resource map of a file according to the textual description contained in a resource description file (file with an .r extension). The Derez tool operates the opposite transformation: it decompiles a resource map into a resource description file. Rez Menu automatically opens the derezed file in Alpha in C mode (C mode already has support for .r files).

For the commands of this menu to work properly, you must have the Rez and DeRez tools installed on your system: under OSX, they are part of the Developer Tools.

Under OSX, data-fork resource files as well as resource-fork resource files are supported.



Click here to download the Rez Menu package

rezMenu_1.2.1.tgz (8 k)




Read the doc inside the script file.


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