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Le livre de R - Apprentissage et Rˇfˇrence

LaTeX - Apprentissage, Guide et Rˇfˇrence

Introduction aux Expressions Rˇguli¸res

Subversion - Contr™le des projets collaboratifs

Tcl/Tk - Apprentissage et Rˇfˇrence

Passeport pour Unicode

Metafont - Guide pratique

Expressions rˇguli¸res - Guide de survie

Automatisation des t‰ches sous OS X

Solutions de publication automatisˇes






  This site contains utilities and resources related to:

  and various freely distributed programs:

  • Mac OS X
    • Rezilla, a resource fork editor
    • PList Compiler, a property list compiler for Xcode
    • ToggleFork, to toggle resources between the resource fork and the data fork
    • Aete2sdef, to convert 'aete' resources to Scripting Definition files
    • MacDevnag, the devnag sanskrit preprocessor ported to Mac OS X
  • Platform-independent
    • Aida, a generic markup language and a parser to generate documentation in many target formats
    • Wiki2TEI, a Wikipedia to TEI converter
    • Suf a very fast command line sudoku solver written in Fortran and Sudokut another one written in Tcl
    • packages for R


All the programs and resources proposed on this site are free software; you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of the BSD licence or the GNU License as published by the Open Source Initiative site.. See details in each package.

These programs are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, and without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


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