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Set of tools for a better display of characters in Metafont is a set of utilities designed to facilitate displaying and viewing of characters in a font created with Metafont. It is written in the Metafont language. This comes in very handy if you are in the process designing a new series of characters or symbols with Metafont. Usually, when you process a font with Metafont, all the characters are displayed very rapidly one after the other.

With mfutils, you can

  1. stop between each character
  2. view several characters simultaneously on the screen (upto sixteen characters, starting from any one).
  3. display directly any character in a font
  4. display the characters by series of four, eight, twelve or sixteen
  5. display them with a grid or with a frame. You can choose the number of lines in the grid.

All these features work in any mode (not only proof or smoke). Just copy the file in a repertory searched by Metafont. To use it say "input mfutils" in the preambule of your source file.

Instructions come in the file mfutils.doc.

To learn more about it, please read the doc on line.



Click here to download the utility

mfutils.tar.gz (16 k).


Date: 2013-09-20 10:51:29